Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

On my first day of Christmas Holiday, mum and I headed  down to Limerick for a mother daughter lunch with an awesome grilled panini filled with roast beef and melted cheese and a piping hot cup of Mocha!

The streets were absolutely crowded with people all attempting to complete their last minute Christmas crash shopping. Thankfully the weather was pretty good, as long as there's no rain, it's good :D

Then later on in the afternoon, met up with Athiei and walked around the town with him for the very first time (gasp). Well there was once during the summer, but that was just as friends. Was pretty fun, getting to see the different tastes we had in stuff, or him attempting to see if he could pick out outfits for me. 

Then we hit the cinemas to catch the breathtaking Sherlock Holmes 2.
Rating : 8/10
If you loved the first one, you'll love the second. Filled with webs of confusion that made absolute sense. At first, this was to be a movie outing for Jamzone Youth but then due to lack of cash and transport it ended up a pretty amusing group.

A double date of Elton and Louise, Athiei and I.

I enjoyed it though :) Athiei, thanks so much for spoiling me by paying for practically everything. Utterly and truly appreciated.

Christmas Eve was spent at Church together with the congregation as we sang Christmas carols, watched performances by the kids in the sunday school, and the receiving of a present or two, and the giving of a huge bag of presents. If I had my way, I'd definitely have given out more, but I hope all those that got something liked what they got

I even sang Silent Night in Malay.
Haha that was a pretty funny one.

Malam sunyi, malam suci

It's Christmas in Malaysia already (funny how I started getting wishes at 5pm today)
And it'll be Christmas in Ireland in an 


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