Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Dublin all aglow

Mum woke me up to say ' We're going up to Dublin today! '
Oh wow that rhymed. Teehee.

Anyway. We wanted to go up to see the lights with all the Christmas decorations, 
I wanted to shop :]

Not to forget grab myself some Malaysian goodness by stopping by Charlie's one of the Malaysian restaurants in Dublin which served an amazing Nasi Lemak which is 
boiled fragrant rice with chicken rendang with peanuts, sliced cucumber, fried egg together with onion and anchovy spicy sambal. 


And after 6 months without japanese food, my teeth finally sank into some yummy spicy salmon roe. So delish! The streets were filled with people, people who were ready to kill for bargains. Managed to get myself a new dress, a tub of Body Shop passion fruit body butter which smells oh-so-awesome and the Britney Spear's Midnight Fantasy perfume for only


And Dublin was definitely a brightly lit attraction
Especially this Christmas tree which couldn't decide on which colour it'd rather be :]

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