Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Feeling the Freedom..ish

all the tests I've sat for since the beginning of the school year have been calculated and my grades have returned. It's actually the FIRST time I've ever received a proper grade in Ireland. And boy are they different from what I used to get in Malaysia.

English was an easy A back home.
Over here English has a standard so high that it's incomparable.
After experiencing the grading system for English here, I truthfully feel an A in Malaysia is equivalent to a C or a D depending on the person.

Not to forget 84 is a B and 69's a C in Ireland (sniff)

So grade averages? 
Biology, Home Economics and Music - A
Accounting and Maths - B
English - C

Oh yeah. 

As exams have ended, I was browsing through Facebook and realised that Joseph had a Youtube channel and was crazy shocked at the amount of subscribers he had! Decided to watch one of his videos and boy did this make me 
laugh my head off.
(it's only funny to Malaysians or people who know Malaysian habits)

As Christmas awaits, the perfect gift to get that person becomes a mind-wrecking dilemma
(although, loving every single day thanks to him, it's actually weird how you can make my heart smile)

It's been such a great past two days. despite my slight sniffles, Was able to catch up with all several close friends from Malaysia. 
Esther, Choon Thye, Damien, Cammie, Xing, Zhu En, Jon Lim, Jon Ho, Wei Yng, Shaun Chien. 
Exchanging news and random talks. Ah I miss you guys.

And you Ken-Ji are not counted since we talk all the time HAHAH. 

Ah Christmas.
Can't wait.
Although, it would be an crazy gift to be able to spend it with the Malaysians I love.
Just one day.
That'd be a dream come true.
A Christmas day filled with nasi lemak, cendol, roti canai. That would be an interesting one.

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