Sunday, 4 December 2011

Galway Christmas Fair 11

After church together with mumsie and stepdad we headed down to Galway for their annual Christmas Fair! Last year I spent the time there together with cousin Rachel, this year, Athiei came along instead :)
Weather was rather wonky. A downpour, a sudden ray of sunshine and then hailstones would have probably fallen from the sky for all I knew.  Thank you Uncle Mike for bringing us there and back in one piece :D

A Burger.

I know...not exactly the typical thing to do. I like to try new things, particularly, food. I remember last year at this fair I tried the Kangaroo. Was actually looking forward to a crocodile burger but the guy said he was sold out this year (same with the last year). Poor Athiei reluctantly tried it and ended up liking it. 

The French bakery from last year was here once more with their many assorted tarts which looked so saliva-dropping gorgeous. But one thing is, they definitely came with a price. Most of the stuff they sold was charged based on their weight. Although was mighty awesome. Thanks mum to buying all the scrumptious goodies.

The little kids had the golden opportunity to meet 'Santa'. A feat I never particularly accomplished. What I was used to was random Santas in the malls in Malaysia. Especially different races. One day you'd see a Chinese Santa and an Indian Santa at the next. Was pretty hilarious to be honest.

A Carousel a.k.a Merry-Go-Round was there. The child in me felt like just jumping into one of the seats and go round...and round... and round... BUT NOOOOO. Some people were just too 'grown up'. 
(bloats face and pouts)

Loved every single minute I spent with you.
The laughter, the insults, the random chats, the half-dead times, the walking in the lashing cold rain with wind freezing every cell in my brain while you attempted to keep me warm. 

Loved it.

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