Friday, 23 December 2011

Instant Sad Face!

My secret santa finally sent her really tall elf, Roisin to deliver my Christmas present. Definitely the best present I've ever received on Christmas ever. I could just sense the love oozing out of the package. In the box there were FOUR gifts, all individually wrapped with little post-it notes stating the reasons why she got me the gifts.

We headed to the nursing home in Killaloe to sing them Christmas carols and it was such a heartwarming experience to see the smiles on their faces when we sang, or when they tapped their feet or sang along with us. It was definitely one unforgettable experience as we weaved in and out of the extremely homey nursing home. 

When we returned to school, the Ceili (Irish dancing) was running in the hall. It was the first time I was present at the school ceili. Thankfully I wasn't all that clueless due to those random Irish set dancing classes in Transition Year. Although it was HILARIOUS, how most of us didn't even know what we were doing or who we were even dancing with (thanks to the rapid exchange of partners)

Best part is when Orla and I clunked our heads together doing a twirl at the same time. nice.

After school, a huge group of us headed down to Scoops as school ended at half 12 ! WOOO.
Now scoops has frozen yoghurt! Which was absolutely yummy (yes I was craving for something cold..weirdly  it wasn't cold today in the midst of winter)! together with granola, blueberries and smashed maltesers.

Big thank you to Roisin for the treat!

Then a 'few' of us decided to crash at Darragh's house. This were just the amount of people on his bed, while the others were all scattered over in his room, possibly playing the guitar, singing at the top of their voices or exiling zombies on the computer screen.

Or, taking a million photos? Think we easily snapped about 150 photos today. in an assortment of colour modes. It was a pretty awesome start to our two awesome weeks of Christmas holidays!


Once again, thank you to Aisling
Your homemade chocolate pistachio fudge was extremely delicious, I felt like I flew to heaven.
The bejeweled A necklace was so beautiful
The tube of 36 flavoured jellybeans is AMAZING. Gosh.

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful Christmas gift :)

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