Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Moody Much?

"I Had A Bad Day"
You know, that song.
Never really thought I'd have that in my head

Started out the day extremely fine. Got dressed, and headed to the bus stop. 
Waited for a while, a while stretched into a few minutes, a few minutes stretched to an hour.
Throughout the hour the weather just changed from 
sun - rain - downpour- hailstones.
And if you know, most bus shelters, are practically USELESS.

Then when I thought things couldn't get worse, my iPod crashed for absolutely no reason.

Shelley and her friends were at the bus stop and I ended up sitting with Corey to Limerick.

Finally reached to spend some time with Ath and we managed to go to the Moody Cow this time! Since my usual order contained nuts which he'd die consuming, and his usual order had chocolate orange which I dislike, we decided to order something totally random

An unusual blend of Crunchie and SOUR Skittles.

That was one funky combination :D
It actually wasn't too bad hah!

Thanks for cheering me up although you were partly the reason I was upset :)
For feeding me when my stomach was on a rampage
And for guiding me through Limerick which I'm still able to get lost in!

I love you :]

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