Monday, 5 December 2011

Never thought I'd dissect a sheep's heart.

was the bomb.
When I grew up, I thought I'd one day grow up to dissect a frog (as usually done in Biology class back in Malaysia) but here, instead we dissected A SHEEP'S HEART. which was worth 97 cents. HAHAH. Sorry, but that was pretty pathetic, I expected it to be a crazy expensive thing to buy (yes we had to purchase our own hearts)

Fully equipped with a scalpel in one hand and a camera in the other, I began snapping photographs around the class (probably the first class I've ever snapped a photo in for this year). Was pretty hilarious seeing people posing with half opened hearts.

A little incision here, a little incision there. We explored the 
wonderful world of ventricles, atria and blood vessels.
The best part was when we were required to identify the blood vessels by sticking your finger into each one to see where it led to. Sweet. Pretty gross and disgusting for the weak stomachs in the class.

But it was pretty fascinating.
(jabs heart with 5 flag labels while I'm at it)

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