Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Visit

Ath got a bus down to my place in Killaloe for the very first time! (The joys of holidays!)
And to force ourselves to wake up due to lack of sleep, we went for a morning stroll around Killaloe in the freezing cold wind which eventually turned to rain. Pretty cool, I didn't realise that Ballina had new exercise machines and a basketball court! Proves how long I've been cooped up in school and home.

Since he was going to spend the entire day, we decided to do something he's never done before.
A cup of oil, a teaspoon of vanilla essence, a dash of cinnamon and 3 mega cups of grated carrots (no this isn't the actual recipe)

Was pretty fun teaching someone to bake, and it was even more fun since I have never baked this cake before!

And voila! 
A mighty great tasting 
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
And yes there were no nuts thanks to his allergies (grr..I wanted walnuts and pecans)
It was really yummy :) 

In all fairness, compared to the first time I baked (which ended in utter chaos and catastrophe) he was really good :)

Was a pretty awesome day, doing every random thing together, going grocery shopping, posting things at the post office, giving the chinchilla a bath, running in the rain or being couch potatoes together (I made him watch Korean dramas oh gosh..not the entire episode, I'm not that evil), 

The joys of having holidays!

Today was definitely special.

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