Sunday, 8 January 2012

2000th POST! The Big 1.8. - Part 3 - Shannoners

This is the 2000th post I'm posting on this blog!

Since 2007 and now it's 2012 it took me that long to reach my 2000th post.
I feel proud.
Astonished even.

SO anyway, I shall dedicate this post to every single person who somehow in someway, wished me for my birthday.

A big thank you to each and everyone of you that wished me via Facebook, Twitter, Text message, Whatsapp, calls or personally. I intended to list down each name one by one, but then after I saw the ginormous amount of messages on Facebook my plan seemed too much a hassle.

Especially thank you to the only two people who called me.
Jonathan Lim and Jonathan Ho
(How funny that both of you have the same first name)

On my ACTUAL birthday (6th of January) , Uncle Mike dropped me off at Athiei's place in Annacotty. Both of us were like zombies thanks to the lack of sleep (It was 9 in the morning..that's early during holidays!)
We decided to cook together so we headed to Mace to stock up on some ingredients.

So we cooked Korean Bibimbap. Which has rice, vegetables, Bulgogi beef strips, fried egg and a teaspoon of spicy fermented pepper paste (Gochujang). It was definitely something new to Ath :D Hahaha
The things I make him experience :)

Ended our meal with some brownies from the Wooden Spoon that were leftover from my previous party while watching Ratatouille!

Godknows came over to pick us up as we headed towards Tesco to complete the grocery shopping for the party. The typical party foods - loads of yummy junk food, burger patties, soft drinks, y'know the usual.

Thank you Ath and G for paying for everything. 
You guys made me go all melty like cheese on the inside.

The party was entirely planned by both Ath and G, giving me the freedom to thoroughly enjoy the entire party without any worries or checking who was or wasn't there. Thank you for doing all the calling and the inviting, and thank you G for opening your house for my birthday. It was so awesome to see everyone there.

The best part was that they had Wii Just Dance 3 which became our entertainment for the night. The need to dance was just booming in each person. People you didn't expect to dance suddenly displayed an entirely new side to them. I had the shock of my life when Ath beat me in the game. Utter humiliation. HUMILIATION. Although it was extremely amusing and I laughed nonstop thanks to his dancing.

My awesome birthday triple chocolate cupcake. I blew out my candle and gave a small birthday speech (not like the 2 hour Murli speech :D) All in all it was an awesome birthday with the people around me. Many people asked me what I wanted as a gift for my birthday, but my wish had already been granted, 

I got to spend it with the people I love.

Then later at the end of my birthday we began to film Trent and Kesiah's video clip for their cover of Breakeven. It was funny being the random person that probably becomes blurred out in the scene.

Thank you list
Antonio for the wonderful card
Mum, Uncle Mike, Murli, Godknows, Mina, Trent, Guide, Miriam, for the card and cash $$ oh yeah!
Samantha for the pretty pretty bracelet from Newbridge (extremely shiny one :D)
Masha and Tian for the gorgeous scarf and card
Wessel for the fowl keyring

Isorah for the buggy necklace
Sonia for the card from back home :D I wonder how many letters I've received from you already

But most of all thank you to my beloved who even appeared in matching colours (can't you just sense the cornyness) who spent the entire day with me, planned the entire day and got me tickets to watch 

Tyler Ward !!

AHHHH. I love you ! I can't wait for the concert. You made my 18th a special one. 
Definitely succeeded in gaining some brownie points.

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