Monday, 30 January 2012

Broken Pool Table

Jamzone @ Church last Friday was an UNFORGETTABLE DAY.
We were in the middle of games, basically there were two human trains, which both had a blindfolded leader each attempting to find certain objects around the room. Only to have an occurrence of an unexpected catastrophe.

Both teams surrounded the pool table while attempting to find the objects, when one of them accidentally leaned on the pool table as support. What we didn't know was that the pool table had chipped legs, which means its frame was unstable..

On several people too. There were several bruises but no deaths I assure you. This ended in crazy laughter and the awkward moment where everyone stares at the entirely broken frame of the pool table with their jaws hanging down.

Very memorable indeed.

Decided to attempt a scorpion.
My bedroom isn't exactly the nicest background to have so I had to make the colour nicer by you know, using the wondrous tool of PHOTOSHOP.
AND no, I didn't photoshop any of my own body.

Why the sudden reason to see if I could manage to do so?
This Saturday at Munster Youth there's gonna be a dance workshop! 
SO I just wanted to see if my flexibility had diminished since I last cheered in 2008.
Yes I'm EXTREMELY rusty. But hey, a scorpion was still achieved ! :D

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