Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinese New Year in Dublin

Wearing a cheongsam (which belongs to mumsie) I went up to Dublin along with mumsie and Uncle Mike to welcome in the Chinese New Year. I normally who would get motion sickness realised I lost my medicine and resorted to forced-sleeping throughout the entire trip. only to discover it was sandwiched inside my notebook upon reaching Dublin

We stopped by a chipper for dinner and had freshly deep fried cod along with fat cut chips with tartar sauce and a slight squeeze of lemony goodness. To make it less sinful I decided to peel the batter off and eat the cod on the inside haha!

We headed to Castlebar and after many attempts to enter the Main Square which was congested with people, we finally managed to squeeze through the gates (after being allowed to pass through of course) The entire place was converted into a little Chinese street.

There were tons of Chinese children, both from Chinese families and Irish families that adopted a Chinese child. It was so adorable to see some of them fully clothed in the traditional Chinese costume. 

FOOD was definitely heavenly, tasted soooo authentic. there was even CHANG! and super awesome dim sum along with juicy hot dumplings with oozing sauce from within! mhmmm...
Was so delish I felt like buying everything on display (probably did :D)

As it was the year of the dragon, there were dragon dances as well as lion dances.
Weirdly and oddly it almost brought tears to my eyes.
Reminded me so much of what I was so used to annually

Was pretty fun being able to go up to Dublin for Chinese New Year. It gave the whole feel as if it really was 
for a day. Thank you so much to Uncle Mike and mumsie for making this trip possible :)


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