Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Heart-Shaped Key

Mum and I decided to watch Hugo at the cinemas today.
I went into the theatre without a clue on what the movie was about.
I have got to say, the movie was very well done, in accordance to the graphics and making it look real life yet animated.

But when it came to the actual movie,
I felt it was like the longest 2 hours of my entire life.
Draggy. Very Draggy.

Well this is just my own personal opinion. My mum on the other hand absolutely adored it.

Sales were still on and there were 70% discounts everywhere. But as usual the sizes were always either too small or too big. Saw this really nice dress though, but I properly couldn't sit in it. It fitted just nicely for me to breathe. Any sudden movements and BAM it would explode in every direction. I have got to get a one shoulder dress one day. 


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