Monday, 2 January 2012

The New Year (1994th post!)


(Since I was born in 1994)
Okay. Now to the post,

On the 30th of Dec the classmates decided to go over to Limerick for some ice skating! Obviously I love it and since it's the only time of the year Ireland has it, it's a must go. Despite its 12 euro fee and 1 hour entry (grrr), Was pretty fun and no butt falls ! Although those tended to be the fun parts :)

Sleptover at the Maglaque's and spent the first night engrossed into kpop stuff. Pranks were the itinerary for the night. Kesiah crept into my sleeping bag when I was gone and when I returned I didn't realise there was a creepy person beside me. 3 of us decided to prank Trent by all sleeping in his room on the floor but mission was aborted when he started to wake up HAHA. 

Ended up zombifying till six in the morn.

New Years Eve Party 
was held at the Maglaque's house after an awesome Praise Night at church. The countdown was spent by screaming and then stuffing our face with food. Hunger pangs. Hunger pangs. 

Interesting conversations were held after midnight. Definitely was one crazy New Years Eve. Despite the 6am sleep once again.

Murli's birthday was held at a dance studio and it was several hours of pure dancing and boy did my jaw drop. Crazy breakers were swivelling across the floor, a popper there and a locker there. Dance battles breaking out and it was absolutely breathtaking. Not to forget, my eardrums probably died just by being there. 

We all returned to Sam's to celebrate Murli's birthday. He had by far, the best birthday speech I've ever heard in my life. It went on for 2 hours. I'm not kidding. A personal message was spoken to each person that was at the birthday, and tears started to flow, hearts started to melt and it was definitely a memorable celebration.

Thank you Murli for inviting me to your birthday, and saying such things about me that made me melt on the inside.
Thank you Munya for driving me all the way home to Killaloe at 6am in the morning
Thank you Trent for lending your car so I was able to get back
Thank you Ath for accompanying me all the way home although you didn't have to

So there you go
3 days in a row, sleeping at 6 in the morning.

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