Monday, 2 January 2012

Recapitulating 2011

So the Recap of 2011 Memories commences.

Being included in the 4 Science 1 Class photograph even though I was in Ireland. Geniuses who printed my photo on an A4 sheet and placed me in the middle of it all.

When the photo went up on Facebook all I could do was melt internally. The friends that made my high school years the most precious ones.

Graduating from Transition Year. 
Friendships formed in school in Ireland finally strengthened, and the feeling of belonging grew. Many crazy adventures we went through together. Different trips, river rafting, singing, dancing, parties. I no longer felt out of place, no longer had the worries and upsets upon going to school.

I began to love school.

Trip to Rome
together with Sam who I hadn't seen in months. Neverending walking in the glorious warm sun, getting tanned again before going back to Malaysia ( so much for being fair. pfft ) visiting the colosseum, eating gelato and taking photographs all over, finally getting the time to see my ridiculous brother once again.

The addition of two new pets to the family
Cincau the chinchilla
Hachiko the labrador.
What's a Chinese chinchilla and a Japanese dog doing in Ireland. Ah the adorableness.
Both cute in their own way

Taking up of a new instrument, finally.
Not to say I've mastered guitar at all. But hey, I know the basic chords, something I've never done. The occasional basic major and minor chords and the purchase of a 50 euro guitar from Lidl.
All thanks to Music class in Transition Year

Climbing Croagh Patrick Mountain
Never in my life have I set foot on a journey up a treacherous mountain. Freezing to death, being soaked by ice cold water and being surrounded by fog with my classmates and a handy stick I made it!!

My mini company, Starling Records winning the County finals 
and proceeding to national level together with Sean, Noel and Darragh. Recording our own songs and covers, designing the CD labels and having our own talent shows in primary schools and even our very own concert which had about 100 people present. That was definitely one crazy experience together.

Returning to Malaysia
A 6 week holiday spent back home. Meeting up with loved ones, and even added new people to that list. Always on the go from morning to night, eating my way through the entire day. Watching movies, hanging out at mamaks, returned to Acts church and my beloved school SMK SS17. hung out till the morning chatting and enjoyed myself thoroughly, making it so hard to return to Ireland, but yet made it okay for me.

Working in New Straits Times
When I was in Malaysia I had a week of work experience in the NST and ended up receiving my very own fortnightly column in the YOU section until now. Giving me the freedom to choose whatever I want to write about at the age of 17, and even getting paid for it. 

A week in Germany
I spent a wonderful week with Vivien and her family who treated me as their own kin. Brought me touring around their area, introducing me to all kinds of new things and definitely food. Took care of me in their loving home and definitely making me learn a few German words.

My first penpal friend from Malaysia (snigger)
Sonia Kang Xiu Yi
who decided to mail me frequently and has so far been the only snail mailer I have from Malaysia. With the multicoloured felt tip pens and the stickers and updates from home, definitely puts a smile on my face everytime I see a new letter at my doorstep.

Winning the county finals for Public Speaking
together with Sean and Claudia. Something I had never joined before. Public speaking? Audrey? Haha well it was a pretty interesting journey and it was definitely unexpected returning with the prize. It taught me loads about mental health as well, and I'm not just saying it for the sake of saying it :) It really did teach me something.

A purchase of a Blackberry Curve 8250
which unfortunately is so common in everybody's pockets nowadays it's actually freaky. But oh well, it helps me to keep in contact with people back home thanks to the wonderful Whatsapp that can be in every smartphone, not to mention internet on the go is heavenly!

The removal of wisdom teeth
The drips, the surgery, the mouthwash, the eating of mushy food and the popping of a million pills after the surgery which cost about 2000 euros in total but thanks to the health insurance, only about a 1/4 had to be paid. An agonising procedure I had to endure, but yet definitely a memory to be kept.

And finally,
the addition of a special someone in my life.
Letting go of the past, accepting the present and expecting the future.
Something I never thought I could do again, but yet I managed to do so.
The unimaginable friend that went up a rank on the scale of friendship.

Thank you God for the amazing year of 2011
2012, you better beat 2011 FLAT.
Don't you dare end this year.

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