Sunday, 15 January 2012

Splashed with Colours

The first week back at school's always slightly hectic.
The first few days (practically the entire week) I woke up each day wondering why my alarm was making such a fuss, hit snooze several times...till my brain slightly warmed up to realise I had school in about..15 minutes? 

Adjusting to the usual swing of things was always 'pleasant'. The homework, the studying, the jotting down of test dates in my journal 'the joys!' and the revising of my public speaking speech which will be NEXT Tuesday. That's nice to know. Right after the first day of Chinese New Year too. 
angpao would certainly cheer my day up (moneymoneymoney!)

Saturday was an absolute heaven-on-earth day though. It was the day of slack. The day of doing absolutely nothing. The day where slugging around like a sloth while shoving all kinds of junkalicious food down my throat was allowed. The day every couch potato loves. Especially when they're doing it with a loved one :)

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