Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back to the 60s

Ath came down to Killaloe on the Friday. Dumbo missed his first bus so he came later than expected. Upside was, I managed to study, a little. Haha downside, I realised how much I have to cover over the holidays (screams internally)

Was pretty fun to just chill and relax. Cos I was pretty much zombified.

We then had a Jamzone Sleepover at church and it was pretty crazy. Numbers were fewer than expected but this picture is missing about give others. But it was SOOO fun. We got to bond and just chat all the time, while doing loads of weird unexpected things

(like for example, we put make up on guys as you can probably see)

For starters, we danced, SO MUCH. Until like five in the morning, which was absolutely nuts because we had dance battles, random dance classes and even aerobics at midnight? Sheps being the maestro flaunted what he had.

Piled all the sleeping bags and duvets into a huge lump and began jumping into it, taking a bazillion jump shots
That's when its irritating being the photographer, you take about all the shots and probably get one for yourself.

We even did some cheerleading cause of me. Managed to teach people with no cheer experience at all to do an elevator and a liberty ! It was such a headache! Gosh I've never really taught anyone cheer stuff before. My voice went practically hoarse cause' of that.

We had worship practice on the weekend as per usual and managed to hang out with the stressed-out-due-to-assignments boyfriend. It's funny how sometimes you could do something to magically make the assignments work out. Doesn't really make a difference since I have absolutely no clue on those topics.

Brother Alec turned SIXTY today and we had a huge cupcake-birthday cake with SIXTY candles.
A slideshow of his older photographs and even a movie he once starred during the 1970s were shown on screen! People came up to speak about how he's a wonderful leader, friend and brother with loads of heartwarming messages.

The children even put together a performance of singing with actions. adorableness.

The youth put together a HILARIOUS song of a Justin Bieber "Baby" Parody with a whole different set of lyrics. Basically, instead of saying "Baby" it was saying "Alec". Was pretty awesome. Videos would have been put up...but I can't seem to find my digital camera..heh...heh.

The older ones evolved into young hipsters with caps turned to the back, baggy clothing and they were dancing and lip-syncing to the rap songs. It was pretty hilarious seeing them put themselves into a totally pair of shoes.

Johnny went totally out of his skin and put on a curly wig full of pink little ribbons and sang a song to Alec. Best part was he wasn't even playing the guitar, he was just putting it on his lap to seem cool. hahah! There was an instrumental being played in the background.

Ianne, Isorah and Colleen sang a song entitled "Faithful Friend" dedicating it to Alec. It was an awesome celebration and it was so easy to see how many lives are touched by one man, and how large a part he plays in our society. 

Thank you Brother Alec for being such a great church leader :)

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