Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Fire & The Rain

Woke up this morning to discover I had missed my bus, mum offered to bring me to work. Then as we opened the front door to leave, there were firemen everywhere with the truck dousing a fire out. It seemed that a car randomly burst out in flames outside of my house and it was raining badly too. That was interesting.

Then, as we were leaving I got a phone call to discover that my work experience for the day was cancelled and I just had to email my assignments over to her. So instead, grabbed my laptop with me and headed to limerick, sat in McD's for the wonderful wi-fi and completed some work.

When Ath finished with his college, he took me out for lunch. Had an awesome 
cheese, sundried tomato, pesto and chorizo savoury crepe with a side salad.
Spent easily 4 hours of nonstop talking there. It was great. The weather outside was absolutely morbid. Lashing rain all day.

Was pretty fun having the chance to hang out with him midweek. Funnier that I was dressed in work apparel and he in the typical hoodie. For once I looked older than him? Sort of. Dress sense anyway. 
Had some hot chocolate and tea before I took my bus back later in the evening.

Check out his new laptop cover!
A modern day Macbook in the old-fashioned cassette. 

Ooh :D
Saw Eoin after his work experience in Limerick too!

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