Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm his diamond

So, I woke up one morning to discover a piece of paper stating that I had a package at the post office waiting for me.

It was rather mind-boggling to even think of a person who would send me a package. So, I headed next door to find out ( upside of living beside a post office )

I recognised the writing and it was Sam's. Puzzled at the fact my brother would send me a parcel, I thought it was the things I asked my sister to purchase for me and mail it over. But what made even more strange was that it had a shape with no similarity to the products I asked my sister to get.

So I took the unknown parcel back home, opened and saw a box and a note. Naturally, I read the note first.
The basic summary of the

"I got you this diamond necklace and it ain't fake"

On Valentine's Day he had put up a picture of the exact necklace stating that he got it for the
"woman he loves"

and who knew that he was talking about me :)

So thanks kor.
It was extremely unexpected and I love you too :)
Can't wait to see you whenever that is.

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