Sunday, 5 February 2012

Munster Youth Limerick

After a week of crazy calling and hunting down the youth from my church to RSVP for Munster Youth Limerick, it finally came around! (Arranging transportation for 15 people. Was

Instead of games this time, we had several workshops. I was in charge of piano teaching which was in the Worship workshop. Also helped out in the vocals stealing the warm ups and all that from my musical rehearsals haha! It was definitely interesting cause I had to teach Cathal and Sarah piano. Cathal is already a pro by himself. Was wrecking my brains to find something substantial to pass on.

Thank goodness for the transitions ! Came up with some options on the spot.

There was also a Multimedia workshop where they got to learn the different ways of shooting videos, loading it on the computer and editing it. 

There was a sports one where instead of just training them how to do sport, they were taught of how to pass on their skills by being a coach in the sport of their choice. How there's something more to sport then just skills, but character and so on.

Along with that there was a drama workshop which did an extremely splendid job. They did a short skit of impersonating people from the bible. Was really creative and entertaining too. There was a dance workshop, didn't manage to get any photographs from that one since I was involved in the worship one.

We had an awesome time of worship after that with singing and then having group discussions about the workshops and what we were able to take from them and apply those lessons to our own lives.

Was one crazy tired weekend which resulted in an absolutely horrible sore throat. Mixture of biscuits, coffee, extremely high singing and nonstop chitchat.  Managed to spend a lil time with Ath while I was at it too and got to see Kuol and Joy back from the States. Also, got to meet Ath's dad. So that was definitely one exciting weekend :)

Although dreading my Biology & Music test tomorrow...
Not to mention my first parent teacher meeting haha!

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