Wednesday, 15 February 2012


With Valentines Day just over, I tried to bake some brownies since Ath loves them. My first time ever making them, but I think they were pretty okay ? Haha i hope anyway. So armed with a card, brownies and myself, I went over to Limerick to meet up with my one and only.

Bought some new red heels (FOR ONLY 8 EURO WOOOOOO) My feet started to ache thus I got new shoes. Then we sat down at BB's, enjoyed an icy cold mochachillo with an appleberry crumble muffin. And did the usual thing,

talk nonstop :]

Del Arte 
the Italian restaurant was our dinner destination.
Shared some cheesy tomatoey bruschetta along with some pasta filled with bits of minced meat. The name of the dish escapes me, was too busy stuffing my face.

Funny part was that right beside our table....was an entire table of my classmates. HAHA 

After much hinting, he probably got the message that I was extremely eager on catching this movie.
The Vow
Yes most guys would shudder at the thought going, AHHH CHICK FLICK.
But you know the guy loves you when he brings you to see it, and sits through the entire thing haha.

Really loved the movie :)
Especially that it was inspired by a true story.

After much havoc of my mum reaching very very soon to pick me up from his house, we grabbed a taxi back to his place where we just about made it. Managed to say hi to his family while I was at it. Mum and Uncle Mike arrived several minutes later with the brownies and whipped cream (got him a can HAHA) - i was too lazy to bring it around Limerick, so I just left it in the car.

Thank you so much to Uncle Mike & Mum for coming to pick me up.

Thank you Athiei. For coming into my life, being as amazing as you are. I'm not saying you're perfect like most people would say about their significant other. I'm saying that I love you with all your little quirks that you oh-so-have. You definitely made me feel special today. Thank you for the dinner, the movie, the taxi fare (oh my days it was so crazy pricey) the random snackages throughout the day.

But most of all,
Thank you for loving me. 

I love you Athiei 

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