Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Night 2012

After a week of planning, we finally had our Wildlife & Jamzone Valentine's Night! Whoever said church was boring right? Masha and Tian did a fabulous job of transforming the entire hall. There were love hearts all over the room along with loads of balloons and even a section specially for taking photographs.

1st game we had was "Husband and Wife" due to the whole Valentine theme.
Basically all the girls would sit in a circle with a guy behind them, but one guy wouldn't have a girl.
He'd then require to wink at another girl and she'd have to run to his chair, but as the girl already has her own guy behind her, he'd try to 'protect' his wife by tapping her shoulder before she runs off.

If he fails, he'd have to start winking at others! Haha

Next thing we had was a Guy VS Girl Trivia.
Guys were given questions about typical girl things, and girls were given the opposite.
Both groups had 10 questions each. And scarily, both of them were tied to 5 each.

So at the end they had to come up with one question each to ask each other.
Guys asked : When is Chuck Norris' Birthday
Girls asked : What is a skincare product that's difficult to get in Ireland?

Guys lost, Girls scored 

Elton then gave a short message about the topic of Love. About how our relationship with God is a two-way one that requires commitment. Wessel did the same in the smaller room with the younger tweens. 

Pork spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce garnished with sliced cucumber 
(made by Isorah)

Main Course (made by Isorah)
Potato gratin, Roasted Chicken with Green Veg

Dessert (made by moi)
Moist Chocolate Cake with dark milk chocolate sauce

Reason why I failed to take more photographs was..I was dishing out the food.
Thumbs up to Isorah and Chris Yau who put their lessons in Shannon College of Hotel Management to good use, carrying a bazillion plates at one go while making presentation their main priority.

Everyone was dressed to kill while snapping countless photographs. Thanks to Athiei who helped me to take loads of pictures from the event as I wasn't able to do so myself due to much running around (see what organising does to you!)

We then had another game
1. person A throws tennis ball to person B
2. Person B shouts a random name, "Person C"
3. Person A then has to say why "Person C" is such an awesome person to him/her.

Then the baton is passed on to Person B to do the same.

It was Valentine's Night, thus the soppy heart melting games.

Godknows then took the stage and performed a few of his songs getting the crowd to a peak which then led to dancing, killing it with beats and people going crazy. There was even a slow song at the end for all the couples as well as for funsies for everyone else.

I definitely had an awesome time. Thank you to all who made this event possible.
For those who decorated, cooked, planned, and especially to all...


Thank you Athiei for coming to this even though I know you were busy with your test. You being there definitely made me see how much you care (as if I don't already know that)

I love you darling :) 
Getting you to do that super Asian pose was hilarious enough.
Ah you're priceless. Even more priceless that you're starting to listen to Korean songs thanks to me

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