Sunday, 12 February 2012

Welcoming the Frenchies.

Coline and Mathilde
from France flew in to stay over with Orla. So since we wanted to meet up with the girlies from school, we decided for that to be a welcome lunch for them as well. Wooden Spoon was our destination with about 15 of us making a whole lot of noise.

I had myself an awesome Quinoa Stuffed Red Pepper which tasted so good together with Feta cheese, oven baked wedges and a garden salad on the side.

I just absolutely adore wooden spoon. they make healthy food extremely scrumplicious.

Jade. Myself. Emma. Orla.
Had a great time meeting up with the girlies. the last time we hung out was probably Christmas, aside from meeting each other in school. I probably wouldn't see most of them for the next 2 weeks due to midterm as well as work experience! 

When something healthy's consumed, it must be well balanced out with something oh-so sinful.
Gluten-free chocolate caramel cake
which tastes absolutely heavenly.
Shared it with Jade as well :) It's surprising how something without gluten tastes exactly the same as a normal chocolate cake would 


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