Sunday, 11 March 2012

LIFE OVERSEAS : Girl on the go

What used to be a daily planner has evolved into a calendar on a mobile phone. At the click of a button, anyone can key in his schedule which includes the nature of the meeting, venue, time and even an alert 15 minutes prior to each appointment.
This feature is one of my favourite things. “Planning" is my middle name. I have that slight obsessive need to know my exact plans for the next day, week, month and year.
Thanks to the nifty calendar on my phone, I have my schedule in the palm of my hand. Most people wonder why I require a planner.
Another one of my fixations is to pack my week ahead with activities. This, oddly, makes it feel more substantial. It gives me that adrenaline rush, that feeling of life.
A concerned classmate asked if I had enough rest. Some query how I complete my schoolwork on time. Another friend orders me to sit down and do absolutely nothing, for once.
It has never occurred to me that I require “me" time. When I hear of something which appeals to me, I will squeeze it into my schedule without thinking of how I will cope with it.
The late nights, fatigue and dependency on the caffeine in coffee are all part and parcel of the buzz. But, everything is absolutely worth it. For instance, my English teacher had asked students to join a public speaking competition. The last time I spoke to a crowd was when I was 9. I had joined a storytelling contest in school which left me petrified by the ghastly actions I had to portray.
I decided to take part in the public speaking competition nonetheless as I figured that it could possibly be my last chance to attempt such a feat. The end result was unpredictable as I would never have guessed that I could speak with confidence.
I would have declined the chance of participating several years ago. But due to new experiences and by observing loved ones around me, I realised time is as scarce as hen's teeth.
Unexpected events occur, many of them unpleasant and resulting in regret. If I received RM1 for every time I hear the words “I regret“, I would be a millionaire. Many people do not realise the opportunities they have till it is too late.
That is why I grab every chance to ensure that I never say “I regret“.

Of course, this requires time management. School, family, household chores and extra-curricular activities indeed seem like a handful. But it is not impossible. If you look at the word “impossible“, it contains the words “I'm possible“.
But, I decided to take the advice of many by making breaks compulsory. And they undoubtedly rejuvenate you. So, if life feels trapped in a never ending busy bubble, spare a few hours, sit down and have a glass of teh ais while watching television or burying your nose in a good book.
Seize the day. Seize your day. Carpe diem.

The writer is studying at a high school in Ireland. She loves to try all things but is a Malaysian at heart.

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