Saturday, 24 March 2012

St Paddy's Weekend

Okay major late update. I know. I've just been extremely swamped with musical practice and all that :]
So, spontaneously Ath and I decided to go to Limerick to see with St Paddy's Day parade. basically the minute we decided to go..we left for it already haha

Headed over to the Limerick Skatepark as well as SportQuest was doing an event. Basically, reaching out to the youth in the community through the sport they love and at the same time showing them the love of Jesus.
It was a great event. Tons of them contestants showed up for the competition and there were so many prizes. If I knew how to skateboard I would have absolutely loved a free one haha!

The weather was extremely good! The sun was shining down on us so much I had to squint my eyes at times. Was a good weekend nonetheless. A change of environment compared to normally sitting indoors watching movies ( not like relaxing's not good either )

Mother's Day was on Sunday and there was basically one hour dedicated to all the mothers. Slideshows, videos, poems, songs, everything. Heartwarming to see some video calls from overseas as many of the mothers had children abroad.

In relation to my previous post about the Big Bang competition,
Ja, Kesh, Trent and I made it to the highly recommended list under the 'Band' category

Results out on 3rd April !! :]

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