Friday, 2 March 2012

Tyler Ward's Dublin Concert

The past week has been an absolute crazy one, thus this post is a week late. 
Priorities had to be set and blogging has recently fallen down my ladder (shocking I know)
Well, when there's things that bring you money or have to do with studies, 
you tend to place them on the higher rank.

So, on Monday morning, Ath and I went on an extremely long 3 hour bus ride to Dublin. We had to get up at 7.30 in the morning. 
 If I snoozed my alarm I wouldn't have budged at all. Had to force myself to jump up the minute I heard it ring. And yes. I did skip school on Monday (In my defense, I've caught up on my studies :D)

Walked around St. Stephen's Green as the weather was pretty bright and sunny although warmth was far from existent. Darn you Irish wind that seeps under your skin into your bones making them all chilly on the inside. Grrrr. (and gives you windswept hair whilst at it)

We resorted to warmth and comfort food. Starbucks, my heaven. Got myself a delicious mocha frappucino with a GINORMOUS Chocolate chip cookie (I mean come on, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!)

Ath got the Mango Passionfruit Ice Blended Tea complimented with a 
cinnamon roll with all its swirly goodness topped off with orange essence.

Notice the matching-coloured food :D?

Lined up outside The Academy on Abbey Street and walked into the Academy Two. A quaint little room which is practically the size of a big classroom. The stage was decorated with fairy lights along with a little bedside table and a lamp to create the feel of watching the concert in a domestic scene.

Nick Howard 
was the opening act and he was absolutely amazing! I've never heard of him in my entire life and fell in love with his music immediately. It came to the point that I even began to sing along to his song after listening to the chorus once. I definitely recommend to check him out on Youtube.

His voice is phenomenal :)

Tyler Ward (right) 
came up and the crowd began to shriek and scream and posters went up in the air. He did many new songs which weren't on Youtube. He did a couple of his originals and a number of mash-up covers along with it. Sadly his guitar string snapped so he had to get a spare guitar.

Although, it was a very enjoyable concert as he was extremely energetic and theatrical. Bassist, Josh was cutely quirky with an expressionless face that said random things. Was cool :] I got a great view as well as I was in the front row (beside the blaring speakers. The best place ever...........)

Here's a video of his original song - The Hardest Thing which was written about his parents and his former girlfriend. Quality's pretty good.

Caught the last bus back to Limerick and reached at like 2 in the morning. I even went to school okay!
It was an amazing experience.
Thank you Athiei for buying me the tickets for my birthday :)
You did pick up on those hints after all ! hahahahaha. I was way too obvious anyway.
I love you :) Had a great time. First concert together!
And I'm sure there'll be many more unforgettable memories that we'll add on to the list :)

I had fun :]

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