Monday, 2 April 2012

The end of the musical

So the musical came to an end. Said goodbye to the wonderful new friends I made, the three costumes I wore for 8 consecutive days. and the rehearsals we were having for the past 6 months.
The last nice was sad. really good. but sad. 

Some people started balling, while few of us faked crying noises to join the whole crowd. 

Big thank you to all the friends who came to the play
Athiei, Godknows, Ronia, Orla, Shannen, Mark, Paul, Michael, Aisling and Uncle Mike :)

The after party was crazy. As I absolutely love music and dancing it was hilarious.
It began to become so warm that we took the polistyrene plates to fan ourselves...we ended up dancing with the plates themselves haha!

Was even better since the party was a private one and we even blasted the tunes from the musical on the dance floor. For the last time we did the waltz, the kan kan and so on together.

The food was DELISH. BBQ Ribs. The best.

I had a great experience with all of you from Nenagh Choral Society.
The numerous friends that I'll miss :(

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