Thursday, 19 April 2012

Le bonding session in London!

With sleepy eyes and 24 hours of no sleep (thanks to us geniuses for talking all night even though we knew we had a flight in the wee hours of the morning) we headed to Shannon Airport.

The worship team from Shannon Christian Church decided that we should bond more and get to know each other more to make our team tighter. Sadly a few couldn't make it though

(Johnny,Trent, Ianne, Isorah, Ja, Kesiah, Myself, Athiei)

Saturday was a day of just pure walking. Up down, all around, most of our time was spent in the underground train actually! Thank goodness I purchased the London Oyster Travelcard beforehand which saved me the hassle from buying all the lil paper tickets when all I had to do was scan in through each stop.

Sightseeing random places around London, hopping from station to station. Wasn't exactly too eager about the details since I've been to London with the family a year ago and we had the whole touristy thing down. This trip was basically a nice relaxing fun time with friends and awesomely my loved one :)

For some reason, the guys were turning heads every two seconds at the variety of fancy cars that were on the streets. If I got a euro for every time they gasped and shouted 'WOAHHHH' throughout the 3 days we were there, I'd be rich.

We had some Chinese @ Chinatown which was ironically extremely hard to find as every place was either too expensive or too full to accommodate our rumbling tummies. It wasn't exactly the most delicious restaurant available, but hey, it was food.

A few of the guys finally understood the wonders of Krispy Kreme as we saw a vendor at Victoria Station and bought 24 doughnuts to share between us. Delicious delicious sweet heavenly nomalicious gifts from above. Sadly all the flavours I was looking forward to were not there, like the cheesecake one, or the coffee-filled one and so many others. But still

(The king of all doughnuts)

The amount of times we stopped at a Starbucks was crazy! There's just something about it...(Yes I know it's because of the brand) But yet, it's still noms! And I like the fact you can put on all your own chocolate and cinnamon powder after buying it (unscrewing the entire cap of the jar is the best way to go)

We visited Hamleys, the magnificently ginormous toy store that had every toy you could imagine. Lego blocks making up giant lego blocks to make a whole telephone booth made out of lego (picture). There were flying UFOs and even star wars figurines that shot lasers with explosions (done by a projector).

Headed to Camden Town, the heart of all bargaining and haggling. Reminded me very much of Petaling Street. Spent the day there checking out all the quirky lil shops that sells practically everything, while saying the same line repetitiously -

Oh, that other shop sells it for a cheaper price, I'll go there

Got myself a Henna tattoo (it lasts about 1-2 weeks). Reminded me a lot of home when mum used to pipe them for me and buying the lil henna tube of paste from the Indian shop in SS14. It's commonly used back home by the Malays and Indians during their weddings and for funsies, so yeah it's pretty cool. Flowers, swirls, butterflies that sorta girly things

Most of our nights were spent by talking, playing games and eating loads of junk food (oh my days we ate so much nonsense - DORITOS GALORE) 

Was fun to get to know each other much more, it was crazy how we got so comfortable with one another till  gross things began to creep up ahhaha...farting..burping..picking of toenails. That sort. 

On the Sunday, we headed to a church called Kensington Temple which was packed with so many people and they had like 4 services alone on that day, the music was brilliant and there were like 3 keyboards there ( what in the world ) and the message was even broadcasted live. We stayed back to have a chat with the worship coordinator to ask for tips and pointers on how to better our team.

Wise & Bonnie who moved several months ago went to that church so we met for a short while after that. It was really nice to see them again. Really missed being able to stay at their place on the weekends while eating Bonnie's oh so delicious cooking and baking as well as becoming their teenage daughter :) 

Funny Scenario 1
A girl approached Athiei at the church saying that she was waiting to talk to him for the entire time when she saw him. I stood beside him thinking

"oh woahhh is she trying to hit on him???"
...only to burst out in laughter several seconds later. Why?

She asked him to model for one of her friends projects because he had the whole tall, dark and handsome thing going on 


Funny Scenario 2

We stepped into the train to hear several lads screaming at us (half drunk) because they thought that 
Trent was the guy from the group JLS.
They went mental asking if they could take photographs with Trent and so on. We were just holding our stomachs laughing till they almost popped out.


The group left for Shannon early on Monday morning meanwhile I had to stay back in London to sit for my iGCSE Malay Oral Paper at London Brookes College (to add on to my CAO Application next year as the proof of my 2nd language)

Love the hat? It's Ath's. Darn it. Hah :)
It went terrific because the examiner was only a college student that was originally from Shah Alam which is only 15 minutes away from my house back home! I celebrated with buying this 


Durian smoothie

Got my fair share of sushi at the airport before boarding
It was fair tasty. Lightly smoked tuna and salmon slices with a hint of wasabi dipped into soya sauce. Mhmmm

Not to forget the delicious Mexican food I bought at Camden town which had very creative presentations. The flag was made out of avocado sauce, sour cream and chilli con carne.

It was absolutely delicious and it was so much I wasn't even able to finish it!
I gave him five pounds and said give me whatever he'd want to and boy did he give me loads! 

A full burrito which was HUGE and filled full with chilli con carne, mexican chicken with mixed vegetables and even slices of beef steak in side with tons of nachos, chick peas and salsa on the side.

London was an awesome trip indeed.
And I'll be returning again on 8th of May! :)

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