Thursday, 17 May 2012

AA's take on London

Costa was our choice place (or more like only place) for Athiei and I to crash at Stansted Airport (we arrived at 11.30pm). I bought the most lovely Iced Caramel Latte that came with love (see the foam). Sadly as expected, it was too bright and noisy to really get any sleep. So basically just slouched on the couch and awaited the following morning

The bus that was supposed to leave at 6am did not even APPEAR. And from what I got from the workers at the desk, they said there was not even a bus at that time to begin with (the schedule printed on every leaflet was wrong then was it? - ANGRY CUSTOMER) 

Once again, I thought I would have arrived late at my examination centre. But thanks to very good timing, the calming boyfriend and by God's grace, I arrived on time, sat for the paper which was extremely easy! 
That was my LAST paper I would need to take and now all I gotta do is wait for my results in August! 

We headed to Primrose Hill near Chalk Farm to get a marvelous view of London City.The only thing was you had to walk up the hill. Well it wasn't too bad. The view from the top was extremely beautiful and there were adorable dogs everywhere!

Saw a Moroccan food stall by the side of the road and saw roti canai or they called it flat bread. However they had lamb in theirs which is something different indeed. Well, I guess it's slightly similar to the murtabak although its appearance deems to be of a roti canai.

I opted for a salmon ginormous fishcake which was filled with spices. The shopkeeper kindly gave me free couscous and salad to go with! So I had a full takeaway box of delicious food for only 3 pounds!

We headed to King's Cross Station to get some more noms. I opted for random food here and there that lured me in. So since I already had my savoury share of food, I bought a scrumplicious 

dark chocolate tart topped off with roasted hazelnuts
oh it was to DIE for.

Athiei however needed his share of proper food. So he bought a 

burrita : Eggs with ham, pico (chopped up tomatoes and other veg), beans, salsa sauce, sour cream and cheese all enclosed in a tortilla wrap

We headed on a journey to Hogwarts. I got my trolley with my luggage and ran face first through to the wall with the sign Platform 9 3/4. Only available at Kings Cross Station haha!

Took a journey to Shepherd's Bush for the sake of taking a photograph with the..station name.
We didn't even get out of the station HAHAH. Just because we wanted to make fun of Shepherd

Went to the BBC's office and got a glance around in the main reception area, just because we can. If we had more time, we would have booked a tour of the office but oh well. We just had so much to do and we were getting DEAD TIRED LEGS.

My eyes twinkled when I saw a sign with BR BASKIN ROBBINS on it. My favourite ice cream brand which is not available in Ireland. I just had to introduce to Ath, so he got himself a 

strawberry cream cheesecake ice cream
(yes, I do realise that most of my travels consist of food hunting)

As we are students and money doesn't come easy, we went through the list of 
which one of them was to go to 

The British Museum

which had an amazing ceiling and countless artifacts from all over the world.

They even had "dumdum want gumgum" there 
Quoted from the movie : Night At The Museum

Or "the magic conch shell!!"
Quoted from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants

I spotted a spelling mistake on one of the artifacts. It was an artifact from Indonesia showing a small sword which is supposed to be called a KERIS (sword), not KERAS (hard). Haha the joys of knowing another language.

Went to see the beautiful Trafalgar Square and took the opportunity to sit down to rest our legs which were falling off like dead flies. What was funny was there was a group of university students that interviewed us for their assignment project about our views on arranged marriage.

I needed to get some noms and we headed to Chinatown. The initial plan was to introduce dim sum to Athiei. Just to try the xiu long pao (pork dumpling) but unfortunately we arrived 5 minutes after 5pm - which I did not know was the last time that dim sum was to be served.

So we headed to a Hong Kong styled cafe which had bubble tea!!
So I delightedly ordered myself a glass of 
Original Hong Kong Black Pearl Milk Tea

(I just realised how the two chinese banners in the background was a border for his head haha!)
Mr. Blackinese with his 

bowl of hot watercress soup
Beef in Black Bean Sauce with boiled rice 
(which he successfully ate using chopsticks in the right way! I can't even do that!)
Ice Blended Mango & Peach Bubble Tea

Then we got our tickets from the Lyceum Theatre to watch Lion King the musical live. IT was absolutely amazing. It was mindblowing. The singing. The acting. The costumes. The surprises. The atmosphere. I must say it is the best musical I've seen so far.

And so our trip came to an end as we headed back to the airport to crash at Costa (yet again) and then we flew back to Shannon the following morning returning with 2 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Ath's family.

I had the best trip of my life with you. 
The amount of things I learnt about you were endless.
You really do learn a lot about another when you travel together

1) How briskly you walk compared to me, little miss short legs
2) How you don't mind trying new things
3) How you'd sacrifice your sleep so that I could lie down and sleep on the couch whilst you just sit and do sudoku
4) How you'd come all the way to my exam just to sit in the waiting lounge for the rest of my paper
5) How you can organise things so well. Loved the fact I didn't have to plan anything for this trip

T'was a cool way of celebrating our sixth month-a-versary.
This definitely goes down as our top date :)

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