Friday, 25 May 2012

And the heat stayed?

Didn't go to school today once more (doubt I'll go till exams begin). The sun was basking in its glory and I just HAD to go out and after posting a status on Facebook questioning who else would like to do the same, Emma came along!

So headed to the pontoon, dipped our feet into the lake once again :)

Later in the evening I headed to school to collect an assignment of mine and Orla and I decided to go back to the pontoon to hang out. Darragh and Phelim came along too. Ice creams were just flying around, and millions of people jumping off the bridge into the lake. Summer is definitely here.

It was an AMAZING 30 degrees today !

Credits : Orla O'Dowd
The joys of being able to wear my regular clothes in Malaysia. Managed to study quite a bit when the others returned. Got myself a nice picnic bench to sit on and do my work.
Experienced an utmost moment of embarrassment when I realised I sat on CHEWing gum. How punny.
Thank goodness didn't stick to my shorts :D Hoorah

I really really wish this sun would stay

P.S I'm returning to my brown self now. Haha!

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