Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dextrinisation : browning due to heat

So, I doubt dextrinisation applies to me. But since it's the week before exams, my head is pretty bombarded with an overload of information.

But my point is, I've been returning back to my brown colour which I used to be back in Malaysia, cause I eventually lost my pigmentation and due to the past few days of sun over here, i've gained it back.

Oddly, I don't mind it so much as I used to. 
Hides pimple scars :D HAHAHA

Today the bridge between Killaloe & Ballina were just flooded with peeps jumping off it...
Millions of girls were getting tossed into the river by the pontoon
I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I'm unable to swim, so no one could toss me in heheh!

P.s. my nose is going on a rampage.
This always happens when exams approach. 

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