Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fear Not the Heat O' The Sun :]

It was a gorgeous 
sunny day!
By far, the sunniest day I've ever remembered in Ireland.
TO the extent where I didn't even feel a slight chill by just wearing surf shorts, flip flops and a spaghetti top. It was hitting the mid 20s which was an absolute miracle for me not requiring to wear a jacket at all!

Everyone was soooo hyper, just soaking in the sun, some even getting sun burnt by the rate of the ultraviolet rays. Whereas I...thanks to wonderful Malaysian skin just absorbed it without any bother. 

Hung out by the lake, lied down on the pontoon, dipped my legs into the icy cold water, and just felt the burn on my skin. Was absolutely delightful!

Oh if this was permanent :]

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