Tuesday, 1 May 2012

In need of chaching

So the past weekend it was Uncle Mick's 80th birthday in church! We had a huge celebration. With "guest appearances" from his time. As for myself, I was in the "ABBA" group, dancing mamma mia and singing a mash up of their songs. There were heartwarming videos of his loved ones and even his granddaughters did some Irish dancing.

The best part was the food at the end of course..There was a BBQ, a range of salads, rice, curries and delicious food. The best part? I had to serve all the guests before being able to tuck in myself. The cake was absolutely gorgeous and mmmm it was tasty.

For the past 2 weeks, we were practising a mash up in our music class as a performance to some of the younger music students in our school. So, here's the result if you'd like to hear it for your own. I know it isn't exactly THE BEST. But we really only had one week of proper practice. Haha.

With regards to the previous Big Bang Cover competition, we didn't win any prizes. The furthest we got were to the finals, unfortunately. But here's some news for you.

I am hoping and praying to go to Korea for a holiday in summer with my friends.
But hold on, it's not PURELY for fun and games.

For 9 days, I will be going to a church conference which will be conducted in English in Seoul and Daegu.
and then spend several more days sightseeing in Seoul.

The flight would probably cost around €1000
All other expenses including transport,food,accommodation and the conference fee would be around €700

I'm willing to teach piano lessons for €20 an hour.
Or any other odd jobs you'd like me to do.
Or accept any donations too :] 

Drop a comment if you'd like to help me reach my goal! 
God bless ! :)

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