Sunday, 13 May 2012

London? Alone? BOOYA

Went to London last week on the Tuesday but never got around to tell you how my journey went. So here goes! I went alone on the Tuesday night to London Stansted, slept on Costa's couch ( The coffee place ). I hardly got a wink of sleep due to the hum of the coffee machine which was pretty near me.

So I hopped on to my bus the following morning at 6.30am heading to my examination Centre in Hendon Central. Since I've been there before, I already knew how long it would take me to get there and had no worry. I THOUGHT WRONG.

I was stuck in the bus for 2 hours (should have been only 1 hour) due to the traffic congestion. By the time I hopped on to the train which led to the centre, my exam had already begun. Basically this exam is like sitting for a state examination. If you're late, you're doomed.

I arrived a whopping 35 minutes late, but thanks to the grace of God, the examiner still allowed me in and even gave me the full exam time!

So I finished sitting for my Malay exam ( only one more to go! ) then I had the entire day to wander around London as I liked. So I made my stop at 
M&M World 
which is situated at Leicester Square. It's a 4 story wonder of just M&M's with millions of delicious chocolatey bits and they even had cutlery, toys, jewellery and even random M&M Mascots running around the shop chasing you.

It's crazy! The amount of M&M's that was there! There were just cylinders and cylinders of 
crunchy chocolate spheres. The picture could only fit 1/3 of what was there!

I missed my chance to meet Johnny Depp as his new movies Dark Shadows was premiering just beside Leicester Square and he was going to be there just a few hours after I was there. Sadly, if I proceeded to wait for him, I would have missed my flight back.

The amount of fans that were waiting outside with ginormous fan signs were just hilarious. Waiting in the rain. Pfft.

I on the other hand ended up wandering around Chinatown, surveying the array of restaurants available and it was just so difficult to choose what to eat! But in the end, my heart fell for the large


sign. Oh I missed my delicious dim sum delicacies. They had such a wide variety of them too since they were originally from Hong Kong, the heart of all dim sum.

Got my favourite xiu long pao which is basically a delicious pork dumpling with pork fat juice carefully enclosed in a little blob of wonder. The moment you drink in the juice of sinful fat = absolute heaven.

I heard that Ben & Jerry's was having their tour launching their new core flavours. What made it all the better was that they were stopping at London Bridge on the very day I was in London! What made it all the better was...


T'was one crazy sleepless day of absolute fun, with nonstop walking and food and just the freedom of going to wherever I wanted to since I didn't have anyone with me.

What makes it even better is,
I'll be going back to London this Tuesday
But this time,
I'm going with the love of my life :D

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