Monday, 21 May 2012

So, stress anyone?

My final exams are approaching in a week and the wonderful fact is that this is my first time taking a proper exam in school over here in Ireland. It's definitely a whole new syllabus than what I was used to. There's not a single objective question in sight (sobs) and my love for Mathematics has spiralled down the drain. Project Maths you bring out the hatred in me. Oh yes you do.

Stressed converts to Desserts. I keep stuffing my face. Gosh.

So, have been slightly out of my head with attempting to stomach..

The ginormous volume of Home Economics notes (seriously like what in the world...)
The attack of English Literature filled with poetry, Shakespeare and novels
Project Maths and its aim to kill me
Music's super duper interesting Irish music essays
Biology's fun-filled experiments
and not to forget, wonderful Accounting with its dry theory which can cause a drought.

Through all this chaos, I really miss you.
Why did you have to live 30 minutes away :( ?

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