Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Exo-K and 4Minute Live!

Ja, Kesh and I headed over to London for the MBC Korean Culture Festival 2012 which was starring Exo-K, 4Minute, Norazo and other traditional aspects of Korea such as their music instruments, dancing and their traditional costume, 'hanbok'.

We went to Chinatown to grab the beloved bubble tea from the same show I got the last time with Athiei. This time got the Frothy Taiwanese Style Original Milk Tea :) Absolutely delish!

We went to Indigo2, Greenwich to line up for the concert even though we already had set seats on our tickets. There were 2400 people there screaming, dancing and waiting anxiously for any glimpse of the Exo-K or 4Minute members.

Went over to Starbucks and said that my name was Kai (from exo-K) so that it would be on my cup of coffee hahahah! it was absolutely nommalicious, slightly too chocolatey though! 

So we waited there and met up with Camille, Carmela as well as Ji Eun and Danyel, two other people who flew from Ireland to go to the concert! 





The awesome light stick made by the fan clubs there.

The concert was absolutely amazing! We were singing and screaming at the top of our voices.
Definitely a memory I would wanna relive!
More Kpop concerts!! :)

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