Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fiona & Jade Turns 18

It was Jade's and Fiona's 18th birthday. T'was a great day for us to begin our summer holidays. With a huge bang! Girls with glamorous dresses and even a guy came in a full suit! (Darragh!) The room was beautifully decorated and even had a few photographs of the birthday girls just outside the room showing what they were like when they were in primary school and now. The huge contrast was hilarious !

The birthday cakes came in full with pizazz! There were shooters in the middle of the cakes shooting out sparks which was definitely a grand entrance. The girls received their 18 kisses from the guys and another 18 from the girls. 

Jade Hoynes. 
You're one kuh-ray-zee girl which I've loved to come to know for the past two years. The only one who would do the most nonsensical things ever with me. You looked absolutely gorgeous yesterday night. 

The dancing was absolutely fun. It came to the extent that my thighs and calves were burning from dancing with high heels too much hahah! Well it became slightly annoying when there was water and food all over the dance floor and there was absolutely no grip at all.. Pretty hilarious when I just sat at the table watching people slip. :)

Dewey and Steven also came and since they weren't big into the dancing thing, we kinda just sat down, stuffed our faces with finger food and free dilute water from the bar. Hahaha. However managed to get Steven to do the macarena !

T'was a great night :)

Oh yeah, Cincau managed to escape from the cage and ran behind the fuel stove and wonderfully ran into the small hole in the wall and returned after 2 hours into her own cage fully black.

So much for being a light grey. IT'S SO HARD TO GET THE SOOT OFF!
Can't even use water either! Cos it'll cause her fur to clump.
OH well.

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