Wednesday, 27 June 2012

First Day of SportQuest!

So it was the first day of SportQuest Training, and the team flew in from America! 
Collected them at an ungodly hour and began making new friends and such.

SportQuest is basically having 3 different sport camps at 3 different areas 

Basketball : Shannon
Football : Ennis
Golf : Dromoland

So this is the training for the trainers themselves beforehand.

But first thing we did was give them a taste of Ireland by bringing them to Bunratty Castle, to show them Irish history. Ended up walking around for ages and taking photographs.

Mr. Grumpy Gills. 
Probably my 6th time to Bunratty Castle. Its mad.

Mingling with the Americans and the lone Canadian :)

Jenna. Jess. Samara. Myself
Jenna and Jess were both my housemates together with Kirsten as well (whose photograph I'll probably put up in the days to come)


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