Thursday, 21 June 2012

Le Cirque de Fossetts

On Father's Day we headed to Z-We-Ton for an absolutely delicious with sinful dishes all the way through which shalt be shown below!

Kuay Teow (Flat Noodle) Clear Soup with Braised Pork Ribs

Roasted Duck Pieces wrapped in a pancake skin together with salad and Hoisin sauce

Yuk Sung : stir fried pork bits with cashew nuts,veggies wrapped in a crunchy lettuce leaf

Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

Crispy Hickory Chicken which had a spicy and sweet taste with stir fried vegetables

Mum, Uncle Mike and I headed to the Fossett's Circus as Living Social was having a spectacular deal as one ticket only cost 4 euro compared to the 12 euro tickets that were on sale. As they came down to Castletroy, I've never been to the circus since I was tiny, so couldn't wait ! :D

Even though it wasn't exactly his cup of tea, Athiei came to the circus as well as thankfully it was just a 15 minute walk away from his house :)  

There were several gymnasts which had a flexibility to kill, dangling from a measly piece of cloth and a metal hoop.

Le funny clowns that made total fools out of themselves by spinning plates and eventually breaking them, or by integrating with the crowd.

Or  a contortionist that fit himself through a tennis racket.

Or tight roping while having a whole other person on your shoulders.

I can just imagine the children returning home attempting all the things they witnessed live

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