Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Little updates here and there, everywhere

Had a pretty long hangout time with this person right here which gets on my nerves so much but yet I love him. Went to the place where we had our first unofficial date a year ago before we knew any better that we were gonna end up being more than friends haha! Arthurs Quay Park :)

Oh, I finally got my results back from the school for my 5th year summer exams! My first official exam that I took in Ireland, so wanted to see how my standard has differed from Malaysia.

Looks like an A1 in English in Malaysia is equivalent to a C1 eh? hehe
Not too bad I guess :)
Praise God for helping me through it :)

love the part where it states
Physical Ed - Good but room for improvement is equivalent to me sitting on the bench for every P.E. Class

Gonna go read it now :D heeheheehee

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