Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One Night Only

Kesiah had organised a charity concert together with her family and we finally had it last Friday at the Millennium Theatre in LIT (Limerick Institute Technology).
It was practically a full house and there were awesome performances on ranging from 
singing - dancing - instrumentals - rapping

Girls got dolled up, guys got gelled up? 

The dancers from Limrockers. Kudos to Ashlea (left) which went on with the show despite spraining her leg before the concert even began. As well as Amanda which continued singing her song even though there were technical difficulties during her song.

Isorah had her farewell party after church on Sunday. She's gonna go to Switzerland for the next year for her internship in a 5 star hotel for hotel management. So yes, I'm gonna miss you Sorah but atleast you know it's only for a year! Not forever :)

Cake :)

Peeps makan-ing and dancing, hanging around the house

Lezanne with her sexy wink :)

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