Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ruan's 21st

Dress from Cambodia that I haven't worn since Seafield Leo IU Night 2 years ago!
Kesiah did me a wonderful favour by designing my hair for an entire hour. thumbs up to Kesh!
Why so dolled up for? 
Ruan was turning 21 and he was celebrating it with a big bang!

                                       Dewey & Jade                                      Marina & Wessel
                                          Athiei & I                                           Shep & Emile?

The birthday boy, Ruan with his girl, Rachel

Menu for the day

Personal name tags for each person at the party. There were about 5 tables altogether at the party.
Which by the way was held at Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel.

1st Appetiser
Fresh Caesar Salad which had crunchy green lettuce leaves, slices of ham, a sprinkle of cheese and a few crunchy croutons scattered around the dish

2nd Appetiser
Vegetable Cream Soup together with crusty rolls of bread

1st choice of the main course
Mashed potatoes with a piece of delicious baked salmon topped with a creamy white sauce.

2nd choice of the main course
Mashed potatoes with an 8oz steak topped with gravy and a crunchy onion ring

Ruan cut his 21st birthday cake with style, with a 


A slice of lemon tart together with a scoop of raspberry sorbet ice cream with whipped cream and half a strawberry, decorated with strawberry sauce

Dancing was hilariously fun. Even in the middle of the dinner, if a catchy song came up, people from our table were slightly mental and decided to dance on the dance floor, then return to eat after haha!

Party was awesome. Our table was the ultimate life of the party. The jokes, the screams, the laughter, the photographs, the dances (even set dancing!) and just the friendship itself.

Had a pretty awesome time at Athiei's too. 
Thank goodness I atleast had him during the 'awesome' weather which illustrates Ireland. 

I realised I'm becoming lazier and lazier when it comes to blogging.

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