Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Lovely Morning Surprise

Woke up this morning by my absolutely annoying ring tone - Marty's Afro Circus song from Madagascar 3.
In my mind I was thinking " Whoever calls me at this ungodly hour is going to die by murder "

The conversation went something like this...

I picked up the phone
"Audrey, open the door"
Whut....? [still absolutely groggy]
"Open the door, I'm downstairs :)"

Athiei Ajuong surprised me, with the best surprise ever, by dropping by!
It's not every day he comes down to Killaloe so it was a lovely morning surprise! 
Had a pretty lazy day cause I refused to get out of my spongebob jammies. Ate food, talked, watched Brother Bear and just had fun keeping each other company.

Thank you so much for popping by!
Love you so much :)
P.S. Just realised that tomorrow will be our 8th month together 

Since I was out already walking him back to the bus stop which is ridiculously early. Last bus at 3.45pm? Seriously, Bus Eireann should have an evening or night bus. Met up with Darragh and Jade! Which I haven't seen in weeks.

Hung out together [literally] and planned to make these little gatherings slightly more frequent haha
We still have two more months of holiday till we get locked down by Leaving Cert!

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