Sunday, 8 July 2012

SportQuest Ended

SportQuest Basketball Camp ended and there were a few tears from the kids. We signed each others shirts and basketballs. And I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was indeed a crazy week without any rest. But a wonderful experience! 

Met so many new kids and loved every second of it. Some of them even got me to play basketball which I find pretty fun now..actually. However I am absolutely useless at it haha!

Met a man with a unique personality that can never be replaced. Comical in so many ways but yet a great man with an amazing life testimony of how God changed him from the inside out just a few months ago.
Of how God forgave him for everything he did in the past and made him a new man.

Had the best roommate ever, Kirsten Sayers. Who talked nonstop too. Realised I had quite alot in common with her. Cried at the realisation that she was going to leave. A beautiful girl on the inside and out.

Kirsten with her boy, Blake and me with mine. 
A wonderful couple which has been going on for ages and I hope it never ends :)
I miss so you all already. Seeing you off at the airport was heartbreaking.

May you be a wonderful blessing to the people around you back in sweet home Alabama :)

May we meet one day...somewhere...somehow!

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