Saturday, 25 August 2012

Food-filled Day

Yesterday spent the day with mumsie and had lunch at BB's at Crescent.
I haven't been there in ages so I had no idea they had taken over a new concept and revamped their entire design!

Black, White and Pink!

I loved the quirky umbrella chandeliers and the random sized spoons stuck on to the pillars!

Mumsie and I went to watch Brave and it was a mother-daughter kind of movie too!
Which is extremely rare actually in animations!
If you think of it, all the Disney Princesses always featured a storyline that had to do with their fathers. The mothers were either insignifcant or non existent!

Pretty good family movie to watch, left your heart feeling 

Baked a batch of yummylicious brownies drizzled with milk and white chocolate mixture, sprinkled with icing sugar as Kesiah will be turning 17, this coming Tuesday!

They were all zapped up in one day. Crazy!

The worship team gathered today at Johnny's house for a hearty breakfast spent together over chat.
There was a wide spread of ingredients to go with the crepes.
Nutella, Butter, Sugar, Lemon juice, Raspberry and Strawberry Jam and my favourite,


A happy tummy is a happy person!

Featuring, the crepes cook himself,


Random mixtures that we made up :

Salted Popcorn 
Hazelnut Nutella 
Strawberry Jam?

Sadly after awhile, our stomachs were no longer able to stuff more food :(

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