Monday, 6 August 2012

Just The Way I Am

With all the free time on my hands, I decided to rummage through my external hard disk.
As I was checking out what movies I had, I stumbled upon my farewell video I had in Malaysia 
a year ago.

As I was having dinner at Empire, everyone that came just broke out into song like a musical. singing

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.
Ken-Ji on the guitar who planned it all. the person who knows my ultra soppyness, 
Yi Wei, Jo Ben adlibbing, Charlotte that shouted I love you, Justina who took the camera from me, Michelle taking more videos. Daniel singing harmony parts. Cody beatboxing, Kenny giggling, Damien smiling ridiculously, Arthur being arthur, Ben Wong acting all cool, Esther standing there like a smiling stone. Cammie sitting down all fancily, Nigel and Beatrice being all cute and couply, Andrew who I got to know in such a short time and Rae Mun too 

I know I haven't exactly been the best in keeping contact.
If I had one wish, I would want to have the ability to keep in touch with every single one back in Malaysia
But reality is that, I can't.

But one thing I hope and pray is, that when I return in a years time,
We'd all be able to be as close as we were again. 
No awkward airs, but just a warm reunion.


Actually, I wanna say thank you to Ken-Ji for keeping in contact with me constantly. And I haven't done my part to be the one to say hi. I'll keep that in mind :) I should say hi more often haha!

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