Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Last day of summer, spent well.

Drove down to Athiei's just for a couple of hours as I had absolutely nothing to do..and it was the last day of summer!!
He has a paper tomorrow thus I came after he studied..and left early so he could study again. 
Asian thinking indeed. 
Just had a lazy hangout day, not doing anything....and he surprised me with a package!

A beautiful summer dress which thank goodness I can fit in and has a pattern I like :D

And he even got me a gorgeous necklace with a velvet strap, both things from Dorothy Perkins.
A brand I could only dream of shopping at. 
Normally I'd just drop off at the closest bargain store, especially in Malaysia :D
As long as it's pretty, I'll get it.

Thank you lovey, for getting me these for no apparent reason.
Was a really sweet surprise :)


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