Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Le Mind Boggling Episode

Since Ath's off to London, my mind has more time to wander around.
Then it struck me, 
in 5 months time, I must hand up my college application form.

What to study exactly?
Where to study exactly?
Do I study in Ireland? Do I try to aim for the UK?
What about scholarships? Why is there such a lack in available ones?

There's always scholarships that have to do with sports
But why aren't there many ones that have to do with academic excellence?
And what makes it worse is that if there are ones, many of them require you to be practically pennyless to even apply for it.

It just infuriates me that just because you're not exactly dead broke, you can't apply for the scholarship.
Best part is, I'll probably become dead broke by trying to pay the college fees without a scholarship.


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