Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Maan's 18th

It was Maan's 18th Birthday Celebration on Saturday held at Oakwood Arms in Shannon.
She had an amazing dress on and there were tons of people in the hotel.
Funny part was, I didn't even know I was invited till two days before the birthday due to a misunderstanding about the invitation haha

Mina. Myself. Kesiah. Ja. Kris
Girls were all dressed with different coloured dresses and with different styles as well.
Hung out with Kamil, Justyna, Reda, Wessel as well as new people we met that day :)

She had her 18 dances with her 18 roses, the 18 closest guys to her.
Which funnily ended up with about 20 guys if I'm not mistaken due to some confusion
But more the merrier eh?

She then had her 18 candles, the 18 closest girls to her say a small speech to the birthday girl and then placed the candles one by one on her awesome three tiered birthday cake amazingly baked by her mummy!

Was an awesome party :)
Credits to Ja & Kesh for the photographs :)

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