Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mr. Monopoly Man

Athiei returned from his 2 week trip in London and Trent, G and I surprised him at the airport!
Kudos to Kuol for keeping that a secret!
So we hung out the next day enjoying the sun in the nearby park.

They brought back a new Monopoly board which I was so eager to play with as I haven't played it since the end of TIME!
Athiei totally pawned us in it though. Horrible. Horrible person.
And no, he definitely won't let the girl win. Hahaha.

Then we had an impromptu decision to watch


together with my parents. Pretty good movie. It's a shame though that I wasn't able to connect the dots as I haven't seen any of the batman movies aside from the first one. 
It was done really well though
Le twist at the end was good :)

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