Saturday, 29 September 2012

Gangnam Style For Fun.

So we had a social night at Jamzone today, my church youth group and we got amazing free milkshakes from Shakey Jays in the town centre! kinder bueno boys.. kinder bueno... blended to perfection

Then we came back for a time of fun and games led by dear Kesiah (Egad she actually led games!!)

Then the music began to come on and we just danced randomly..till the song Oppa gangnam style came up and magically almost everyone knew the choreography.
Although not perfect, it was


Personally I've been into Korean Pop since I was 12 but seeing how oppa gangnam style has gone viral having more than 300 million views on Youtube is absolutely psychotic.

Youth Group will be at Trent's house next week guys at 7.30pm!

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